SilkBabe™ - 3X Hair Removal Laser
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NOW $249
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Why Should You Buy?
  • Remove unwanted hair for good!

  • Use this laser everywhere. Including face, bikini line, under arms, and more!

  • Most users see results in as little as 3 days!

  • Get 15+ years of use out of this laser!

  • Our device features the same type of laser as the professional clinics making it 3X as effective compared to the cheaper devices.

  • For $249 you are getting 15 years of laser hair removal use and the ease of using it whenever you want in the comfort of your own home. It's a no brainer.

Simple To Use
You will be using this laser within minutes of receiving it. It's as simple as point and zap. 
  • Plug power into laser and turn on.

  • Point laser at your skin and the SkinIQ Sensor will automatically scan your skin and select the correct setting for your skin.

  • Pull the trigger and watch it zap away your hair for good!

  • SafeGuard Technology ensures you only use the device where it is safe to use. (EX: It won't allow you to zap your eyes 👀)

Try it out for 100 days absolutely risk-free. 
Buy with confidence knowing if this device doesn't live up to your expectations you can return it for a complete refund. No questions asked.
Nifty Features
  • Ice Cool Mode - this feature will cool the skin before treatment eliminating 99% of the pain. Cheaper devices tell you to ice your skin 🙄

  • SkinIQ Sensor - automatically scans your skin and selects the power setting for your skin.

  • SafeGuard Technology - this ensures you only use the device where it is safe to use. (EX: You can't zap your eyes 👀) 

  • Different Attachments - Different attachments to treat certain parts of the body better. Includes an attachment for your face, underarm, and all over body.

Payment Plan
Split the cost up into 6 easy payments of $49. Everybody is approved for our payment plan.
1 Year Warranty
It comes with a 1 year manufacture warranty and we give you the option to purchase an extended warranty.
NOW $249
or 6 payments of $49