We've compiled a list of all the most frequently

asked questions, check them out below!

How does IPL work?

The SilkQueen uses IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), a modern type of laser hair removal, for long-term, pain-free hair removal. Your hair it absorbs the IPL, which then heats and destroys the targeted hair cells.

Is IPL Safe?

Yes! The device is approved for safe at-home treatment of unwanted hair, and designed with built-in protective features for safe and effective use. 

Does the SilkQueen hurt to use?

The premium design of the SilkQueen includes our IceCool mode to soothe and cools your skin and create a more pain-free experience. Most of our customers describe the treatment as a warm sensation rather than the rubber band snapping feeling that results from lower quality handsets. 

Are the results permanent?

The SilkQueen offers extremely long-lasting results, however no form of laser hair removal is completely permanent, even at the professional clinics. 

The term “permanent” technically means there will will be no hair regrowth for six months. 

To maintain long-term results we advise using your SilkQueen once every two weeks for 8-10 weeks at the beginning, then just once every 4-8 weeks for maintenance — a significant savings from costly trips to the clinic.

Does it work for all skin tones?

The SilkQueen is suitable for all but the darkest skin tones. The SilkQueen will always scan your skin autmatically to pick the correct power setting for your skin tone and it will flash red if your skin tone is too dark to use safely.

Does it work for all hair colors?

IPL technology works the best the darker hair gets and is less effective the lighter that hair gets. 

This is across any and all IPL handsets, not just the SilkQueen. Red, blonde, white, and gray body hair may see reduced to no results due to the limitations of IPL technology. 

Be warry of any company promising results regardless of hair color.
Which areas of my body can I use this on?
You can use your SilkQueen on your whole body, including Brazilians and facial treatments. (Just keep the device an appropriate distance from your eyes.) 
Do I need to shave before using this product?
Yes, you will need to shave before every treatment with your SilkQueen. This helps the flashes target the root of your hair to kill the follicle cells, and greatly increases your results.
How many years will the SilkQueen last?
The SilkQueen has a use-life of 500,800 flashes, which equates to well over 14 years if used as directed. SkinVibe also includes a 1-year manufacturing warranty and a 100 day money-back guarantee with every SilkQueen.
Do I need eye protection?
No, eye protection is not required when using your SilkQueen as it has been designed with a safety sensor and will not pulse a light unless the entire window is pressed against your skin. That being said, you should never try and look directly into the light as it flashes. 

For your comfort, SkinVibe does include a complimentary pair of eye protection with every SilkQueen. 
How long will it take to see results?
Though results may vary, most users observe a reduction of hair in just three or four treatments, with complete results typically after four or five. 
How often do I need to use it?
We recommend using your handset once every two weeks for the first four to five treatments. After this period we recommend using your SilkQueen once every four to eight weeks to maintain smooth, hairless skin. 
Which hair removal methods can I use between treatments?
Between your treatments, you should only shave when needed. We recommend never waxing, plucking, or epilating, as these hair methods remove the entire hair root which is needed for your treatments so it can absorb the light from your SilkQueen. 
Are there any recurring costs?
No. Unlike walk in laser-clinics, your SilkQueen provides all the benefits of medical grade hair removal with a one-time purchase. There is no need for replacement cartridges or refills. 
Is it safe to use over freckles or moles?
No, you should not use over very dark freckles or moles, although light freckles do not pose a risk. Using the SilkQueen around dark freckles and moles is perfectly fine. 
Is it safe to use over tattoos?
No, you should not use over any tattoos, although going around tattoos is fine. 
Can I use this product before or after tanning?
If you have been tanning recently, we recommend waiting two weeks before using your SilkQueen.

Please also wait at least 48 hours to tan after a treatment. 

You should wait until any artificial tan has disappeared completely before using your SilkQueen as you’ll see better results on an unaltered skin tone.